Earth’s Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Life’s Pure Balance offers a fruit and vegetable wash that is truly unique in today’s marketplace. It is designed to be the last process step prior to consumption for all fruits and vegetables, regardless of source. It cleans bio films, dirt, wax, pesticides, pathogens and anti-microbial wash residues off the surface of the produce via an immersion washing process that does not damage the produce, leaving it clean and refreshingly tasty.

Results you can expect to experience:
1. Better tasting produce – flavor is crisp and true to the produce. Customers will notice flavor enhancements in raspberries, grapes, apples, strawberries, cucumbers, carrots & bell peppers to name a few.
2. Surface of produce will be clean – when rubbed with fingers you may hear a squeak.
3. Lettuce will be crisp – wash, rinse and cool, ready to serve within 1 to 3 hours.
4. Will reduce bacteria to safe levels (Does not sterilize products).
5. Extended shelf life by 2 to 4 days is typical
6. Washing process will not damage the more tender produce
7. Base wash solution is concentrated keeping costs to a minimum

Product summary in brief
• Solution is a proprietary citric acid-based formulation
• No known allergens
• FDA/EPA clearance and Food Code compliance information available upon request
• Wash study information and how it enhances nutrition available upon request
• Testimonials available by Food Safety Experts, Nutritionists and Chefs/GM’s

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Businesses currently using Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash
1. Restaurants
2. Catering companies
3. Grocery stores
4. In-home chefs of all levels
5. Food manufacturing such as pickles & jams

On-site product washing demos available
• Giving samples of washed grapes along with additional support media, promo cards, and Social Media promotions along with store promotions

“The Fruit & Vegetable wash was definately a good purchase. Once I started using the product I was surprised on how much dirt/debris came off my veggies and fruit. I didn’t even think my produce was that dirty to begin with.” – H. Jacobson

Company & personal background
• Developed by a Chemical Engineer
• 14 years in cleaning products arena; 3 years as an  independent supplier
• Products are manufactured, inventoried and shipped  from Minnesota
• Target market is North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois
• Product line name is “Earth’s Natural Cleaners”
• Website –
• Email – [email protected]
• Cell / business phone # (651) 261-0251

Order placement, shipping and return detail
• To order, click here to shop or click the link below
• Products ship from Burnsville via SpeeDee Delivery Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday:
  – 3-day delivery time from order entry is typical
  – Orders placed via text/phone/email with invoicing upon order entry
  – Every product has a 100% guarantee, 100% refund
  – Cost of shipping is not included in refund policy
  – No restocking fee Preferred payment terms – 30 days
  – Payment by check or credit card, via mail or online

For pricing/quotes contact Gene via text/phone: 651-261-0251 or email: [email protected]